In true lockdown style MRMC has sailed through its sixth re-certification for compliance to the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 standard, this year carried out remotely via online audit by the British Assessment Bureau.

Maintaining a clear run of positive feedback MRMC’s BMS continued to be free of any noted non-conformities (NCNs) or observations, showing they have good product and service reliability and process controls, which means lower costs for their customers!

MRMC’s Director, Mark Robinson said, “Through these unprecedented and uncertain times, by maintaining our commitment to our customers and focus on quality, MRMC has proved that working to our BMS as a live, evolving framework, better informs and guides us on delivering the best possible service, even in the midst of a global pandemic with much of the world in lockdown. We’re proud of our achievements, evidenced by this year’s audit results.”

View the MRMC Quality Policy.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 was first introduced in 1987 and requires organisations to demonstrate that they do what they say they do, and that they have a Quality Management System in place to ensure consistency and improvement; leading to high levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Certified organisations are committed to continuous improvement and are assessed to ensure progress is being maintained.

The benefits of certification to ISO 9001 include:

  • Streamlining an organisation’s procedures;
  • Bringing consistency to an organisation’s service delivery;
  • Reducing cost and rework;
  • Improving an organisation’s management practices;
  • Enhanced status;
  • Competitive advantage;
  • Lower insurance premiums.